“Jan, you do great work! We appreciate your thoughtfulness in looking for
opportunities to highlight our successes, creativity in finding media placements for us, and effectiveness in helping us put our best foot forward. Thanks for all you do for us.”   Don G. Rushing, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

"Jan, you did tremendous work for us! Thank you."  Martin & Cindy Blair, Owners, Kansas City Bar-B-Q and Ocean House Restaurant

“Jan is a combination of can-do attitude and a get-it-accomplished approach, all wrapped in a delight-to-work-with package.”  Bob Morris, Sr. Development Officer, Scripps Healthcare

 “Jan is an exceptionally capable professional and a dear person.”  Ted Grosser, Ed.D., D.D., President, ANGELCARE Children’s Aid International

“Jan Rieger is a consummate professional who adds a twist of fun to all that she does. She worked tirelessly to ensure we had a great event and strong media coverage across all media outlets. Her local touch and strong community relationships were what we needed to connect to San Diego. Thanks, Jan!”   Jillian Fleming, Senior Account Executive, SunWest PR, Dallas

“Jan, you have rejuvenated the San Diego Press Club!”   Martin Kruming, Editor, San Diego Lawyer Magazine 

“Jan worked, and worked, and then worked some more to get exposure for me and my CD release. She is energetic and enthusiastic, and she really went the extra mile for me. Thanks, Jan.”   Laura Roppé, international recording artist, www.lauraroppe.com

“Jan, thanks a million!”  GreGory Wendell, Couture Millinery Designer from London

“Jan has tenacious energy with a keen focus to detail. She blends creativity and imagination with logic to solve problems.” Joe Lee, Director of Web Design/U.S., Gateway.com”

“Jan gets to the heart of things – not just problems to be solved, but opportunities to be seized.” James Covington, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Box? What box? Jan never stayed in one of those things. That’s why she’s a good PR person.” Michael Blomgren, Leadership Coach, Trainer & Photographer, former Director of Operations, Hamilton Sundstrand

Jan has written for our industry practices, our Dallas and San Diego offices, and our people. She’s always a pleasure to work with.”  John Davis, Partner, KPMG

“Jan has so many great ideas that we had to create a special ‘Jan Rieger’ file so we don’t lose track of them! She treats her clients like gold.”  Marc & Darlynne Menkin, Owners, Where You Want to Be Tours

“Jan promoted our name change and 30th anniversary. She lined us up with several high-profile media opportunities, and was able to get us a fabulous front-page business feature in the San Diego Union Tribune. We see the positive results of her efforts daily, as the transition to our new name has been virtually seamless; our visibility is at an all-time high. And to cap it off, she is a delight to work with, easy-going but focused, an attentive listener and a fast learner.” Kennon Baldwin, President, Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects

“Jan Rieger combines passion, creativity and efficiency to produce a communication style that conveys insight of her client's organizational strengths. We are impressed with her knowledge and capacity for understanding our business.” 
Eric Chriss, CEO, CUSTOMatrix Inc.

Please also see Jan Rieger's recommendations on LinkedIn.

Photography by Jan Rieger/Jan's photo by Brian Russell

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